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4 easy steps to make TIE appointment for card

Process to get a TIE appointment

Below the process is outlined in 4 stages to make an appointment for a TIE (residency) for British Citizens in Spain.

Page 1: Follow this link for page titled : INTERNET CITA PREVIA


From here choose your province

Page 2: On the next page select the following option from the drop down menu:


Page 3: The 2 important items on the next page are the EX-23 form and the TAXES form

1. Personal info EX-23 form: The EX-23 is a pdf document which must be downloaded and printed. You can complete these forms with pen. You will have to take this document with you to the appointment.

2. TAXES Modelo 790 Código 012 form: The next form is the tax form which is on the same page and is titled Modelo 790 Código 012.

You will have to click on the link on this page which brings you to below page.


This is where you complete the online questions before you can download the completed form.

The downloaded form can then be printed and taken to a bank to pay the tax amount which will be minimal amount of approx 15 euros.

Below are the questions and possible answers for the tax form:

Question 1: Processing of authorizations for the extension of the stay in Spain


  • Extension of short-term stay without a visa (base amount, increased by the corresponding amount for each day the stay is extended).

(Variable amount procedure. The amount will be assigned at the Police Station.)

  • Extension of short stay with visa.

Question 2: Processing of authorizations to reside in Spain


  • Authorization of temporary residence for exceptional circumstances for international protection, collaboration with authorities (includes collaboration against organized networks), national security.
  • Processing of residence and work authorization for victims of human trafficking.

Question 3: Foreigner identity cards (TIE) and registration certificates for community residents.


  • TIE documenting the first granting of the authorization of temporary residence, stay or for cross-border workers.
  • TIE documenting the renewal of the temporary residence authorization or the extension of the stay or the authorization for cross-border workers.
  • TIE that documents the residence and work authorization of women victims of gender violence and victims of human trafficking.
  • TIE documenting the authorization of long-term residence or long-term residence-EU.
  • Certificate of registration of community resident or residence card of a relative of a citizen of the Union.
  • Identity documents and titles and travel documents for undocumented foreigners and other documents.

Question 4: Registration authorization for undocumented persons.


  • Registration certificate.
  • Refugee identity document.
  • Stateless identity document.
  • Identity document of subsidiary protection.
  • Travel title.
  • Travel document of the Geneva Convention.
  • Subsidiary protection travel document.
  • Travel document of stateless persons.
  • Return Authorization.
  • Exceptional entry or stay authorization.
  • Assignment of Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) at the request of the interested party.
  • Certificates or reports issued at the request of the interested party.
  • Request for invitation letter.
  • Issuance of invitation letter.

Question 5: Processing of the application for authorization or border transit visa and border stay visa.


  • Processing of the application for authorization or transit visa at the border.
  • Processing of the application for the residence visa at the border.
  • Processing of the application for authorization or transit visa at the border for minors (children between 6 and 12 years of age.)
  • Processing of the application for a visa to stay at the border for minors (children between 6 and 12 years of age.)
  • Processing of the application for a visa to stay at the border, of a national of a country with which the – European Union has signed a Flexibility Agreement on Visa Matters (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Republic of Macedonia , Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine.)

4th Final Step

The final step is to return to the page 3 outlined above and click accept. From here you can fill in your NIE and name . The next page will give you options for your local area to make an appointment for your preferred time and date.


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