Health Plans for over 65s and 70s

Are Health Plans for those over 65s and 70s worth having?

At Bsure we have great health options for those over 65s. As you get older it is inevitable that the need for health cover is more important. The cost of cover thou is higher due to the increased risk as you age. The question most people ask is if they can rely on the public sector for their medical treatment and aftercare. The public system can provide excellent treatment but there are some downsides with the main one being long wait times for advanced scans, tests, and eventual operations.

What benefits does private cover have for those over 65's

With a private health policy, there are initial benefits such as access to the correct specialist quickly, and avoiding misdiagnosis. Scans are carried out immediately and surgery organised promptly.

Another benefit is the possibility of second opinions. If you are not comfortable with your doctor then you a free to see as many other specialists as you wish. This provides great peace of mind as you will be able to find someone that you a comfortable with and with whom you have confidence.

Key benefits of private coverage for over 60s

  • Inpatient – hospital overnight
  • Day-Patient – treatment during the day only
  • Outpatient – Treatment or consultation without the need for hospitalisation
  • Be seen and treated quickly
  • Access to doctors that speak your language
  • Avoid wait times for scans and operations
  • Access to the latest technology and new forms of treatment and medications
  • Second opinions and free choice of doctor
  • Treatment at a private facility at a time that works best for you
  • You will be treated in a private room where close ones can stay overnight with you

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Health Plans for over 65s and 70s

Level of cover for over 65s plans

There are many levels of cover that are available to you. All plans we offer cover unlimited hospitalisation in Spain but including an excess on the policy can bring the premium down by as much as 45%.

Benefits of an excess

You may never have been hospitalised in the past and consider yourself fit and healthy. However, as you reach your 60s and especially your 70s your genetics start to kick in and random health conditions can suddenly appear. Therefore a private health policy can act as a preventative measure against future health conditions.

The key aspect to consider when comparing medical insurance for over 60s is that the policy can be tailored to only include the healthcare services you need, which in turn will reduce the amount you pay on a monthly basis.

Annual wellness checkup

Annual health checkups are an essential part of any private health cover. When you sign up for a health plan we highly recommend finding a general doctor to have an initial consultation with. At the consultation, you can discuss your past medical history and organise a same-day blood test to check everything is OK.

If you are a male you may want to get a PSA test to check your prostate, if you are a female you may want a Mammography. There are numerous other general checks you can have at zero cost apart from you monthly premium that you pay.

Cancer coverage

Most policies include this as standard. It’s one of the most valuable parts of any Health Insurance plan.
Cancer care generally includes:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
    Surgical procedures

Switching Existing Cover

Having existing cover will make it much easier to switch companies. This is because any wait times will be removed so you have seamless coverage. The main reason for switching insurers is likely to do with the rising cost of your current insurer. At Bsure our team can process the switch of your health policy and make sure all the documentation required to remove waiting times are removed giving you peace of mind that you do not lose out on the years you have had coverage.

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