How We Work

What makes Bsure different? - How we work

Bsure is an Independent Fully registered Insurance Broker. We ask the Key Questions to find the most suitable policy.

• We have access to the entire Health Insurance Market and only use Insurers we trust.
• Over 30 years of experience
• Our service is completely FREE, and all advice is non-biased and based on what is best for you
• We pride ourselves on being a broker that offers a Personalised Service
• On average we Save our clients up to 40% on their current policy
• We do the hard work for you and compare the market
• Our after-sales service is included and we help with all aspects you need assistance with

Our experience

We have over 30 years experience in the Insurance market in Spain.

This means we have seen how the sector has changed and what customers expect. Having seen thousands of applications during our time, we can very quickly access your Preconditions and know exactly which companies will fit your personal needs.

Be it prior cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or multiple conditions and medication; we can very quickly give advice and arrange cover for you.

Many other factors will also contribute to which company suits you best. Some of these are Family discounts, International Cover, Low wait times, and cover required for Residency in Spain.

At Bsure we have analysed the market and deal with a wide range of Companies. Each company will have its strong points and the factors just mentioned are just a few.

Why work with us?

  • We compare the options with Top Insurers
  • Provide quotes for serious health preconditions
  • 30 years experience in Health Insurance since 1989
  • Our service is completely FREE
  • We provide FULL support
  • Setup of policy and help for duration of policy

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Why use a broker?

There are many insurance agents out there who are employed directly by an insurer or have their own business. An agent however is tied to one company. This means that you will not find out the small print or drawbacks of their policy when using an agent.

An insurance broker on the other hand has access to the whole market. In summary, a broker represents consumers in their search for the best policy for their needs.

how we work - Broker

As our name states Bsure is an independent and fully registered Insurance Broker. This enables us to ask you the key questions to find the most suitable policy for you.

You can call us any time and get a real voice to help the process

Comparing private health insurance is our specialty, you will get through to someone who can help. Call us from Monday to Friday (9.30 am – 5 pm) for free advice and help.

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