International Health Insurance plans

International Health Insurance Plans

There are numerous International Health Insurance plans on the market. Choosing the right plan is an important decision. Using Bsure we can tailor plans for your needs and explain the many levels of cover. Your budget will dictate which level you go for and our professional and experienced team can guide you through the many companies and benefits of each.

We can quote for plans including

  • World wide hospitalization, including pre-care, consultation, Diagnostics, and treatments
  • Flexible plans tailored to your needs and budget
  • Worldwide options or European cover
  • Our Team at Bsure provide support for the duration of the policy
  • Wide range of excess options which bring costs down

Reimbursement only or Mixed plans available:

Many plans are reimbursement only, but we can provide quotes from insurers who work with a big network of hospitals in Spain where you do not pay out of pocket. The benefit of having this type of cover is that you have the choice of whether to use in-network doctors and centres or go down the reimbursement route if you so choose.

Why should you choose an international plan?

Many people think that an world wide plan is only an option if you travel outside of Spain. However, you can use any doctor worldwide, including in Spain. Therefore, if you prefer to use doctors which do not work with insurers then the cover is also a good choice for you.


Why work with us?

  • We compare the options with Top Insurers
  • Provide quotes for serious health preconditions
  • 30 years experience in Health Insurance since 1989
  • Our service is completely FREE
  • We provide FULL support
  • Setup of policy and help for duration of policy

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Are there plans with “No Excess” (No copayment)

Having cover with no excess is of course an option but will increase the price.

We always recommend having either a 10% or 20% excess on your policy for any claim. This way you bring down the annual premium.

Is a fixed excess recommended?

In some countries, plans work with a fixed excess. For example a fixed excess of 1000 euros. So you are liable for the bills up to 1000 euros and thereafter the insurer covers the rest.

This type of excess however is not something we offer as we feel having a policy of this type encourages people not to use the policy and therefore preventative care is not encouraged. Having an excess of 10% per claim for example is what we always recommend as the first choice option if you are considering an world wide cover.

International plans covering serious pre-existing conditions:

This is one of the key selling points of an international plan. If you are struggling to find a company that is not accepting your prior medical conditions or are currently receiving treatment, then international cover is much more accommodating.

Cover for serious conditions may include one of the following:

Accepting your precondition either with or without a surcharge

Accepting you on the policy with an exclusion for the pre-existing condition

A moratorium period whereby if you are symptom and medication free for any preconditions after a certain period after the policy is started, then coverage for that condition is fully covered.

We find the right solutions for you

Whatever your needs, we can offer plans that can be tailored to meet them. Our team will offer full support for managing bills, reimbursement, and any clarification you require on payments to you.

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