Private Health Companies in Spain

Health Companies in Spain

There are pros and cons for each company and therefore we recommend you contact us with your personal situation so we can analyse what policy will best suit you.

We understand that each customer has different requirements in terms of Health cover. For this reason, before we suggest a policy we ask various questions which allow us to best recommend what cover and company best match your needs. We offer products that protect you without any surprises or small print.

Below are all the Top private Health Insurance Companies that we recommend and can quote for.

Top Health Companies - Click on More info for a Quote


Sanitas leading Health Insurer in Spain with international options and excellent coverage accepted widely 


DKV the largest European Health provider with international options


Fiatc is a national insurance provider with excellent coverage and best value policies 


Mapfre is a national insurance provider accepted widely and offers great cover


Adeslas is the largest national insurance provider with excellent coverage and a wide range of cover 


Aegon is a Dutch insurance and its Spanish coverage is widely respected nationwide


ALC is excellent international insurer that offer reiumbuirment policies 

Why Choose Private cover?
More and more people in Spain are choosing to purchase private health cover. Not only does it offer faster diagnosis, access to operations, tests, and treatment but it also means you’re not restricted to one particular hospital or GP. International policies are available and dental cover can be included if required.

International options?
International policies are excellent if you live between two countries. Pricing in Spain for international reimbursement policies is much more competitive than the equivalent UK prices. To further reduce the cost an excess can be applied or the capital insured can be lowered. Whatever your needs there are options that can be discussed at your leisure.

Key questions

  • Do you need Spain only cover or international coverage?
  • Is it for you or are there more persons on policy?
  • Different companies are more competitive for certain ages?
  • Do you have any medical preconditions that you need coverage for?
    Is the policy required for your residency application?

The above are just a few of the questions which we need to look at when recommending a company and we can happily run through the criteria when best choosing a company

At Bsure we Charge No Fee!

The broker's fee we charge is within the standard price (same as direct). The benefit you get is we work on your behalf rather than companies

Health insurance is required for residency application (NLV, VISA)
If you intend to use the policy for residency then we can provide policies that have no copayment and have no wait times. Most policies will have at least a six-month wait time. We are seeing visa applications being denied due to this and so have sourced a company that eliminates the wait time.

Insurers that accept other forms of payment apart from a Spanish IBAN
We have options if you do not have a Spanish IBAN. EU IBAN can be accepted. If you prefer payment by Visa or Master Card there are also options available.

Choosing a health insurance policy isn’t easy, but when you get in touch with us, you can make the task a whole lot easier. Our team has a huge amount of expertise at hand and can offer expert advice that’s tailored to your exact requirements. We understand that every customer is different, and that’s why we never provide a ‘one size fits all service, but offer personalised quotes based on your needs. 

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