Preconditions coverage for Health Insurance plans in Spain

Health Insurance covering Preconditions

At Bsure we understand Medical Preconditions are a very important consideration when choosing a plan. 

We have over 30 years experience dealing with health insurance applications with medical preconditions. Certain companies are better than others at accepting serious medical pre-existing conditions. 

Our team at Bsure are experienced and has the knowledge as to which companies are best suited to any prior conditions.

health preconditions

Some of the Conditions we can quote are

  • Diabetes (type 1, type 2, and type 4)
  • Cancer
  • Overweight
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Having multiple conditions
  • Multiple different types of medications taken
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions of all types
  • Digestion issues such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, and others
  • and many more…
  • Do health insurers in Spain cover Diabetes? 

    Whether you have type 1, 2 or 3 diabetes we have insurers that cover you completely for diabetes and all its consequences and related health conditions. We are not aware of any companies that cover you excluding diabetes. The reason for this is due to fact that the conditions affects all aspects of you health. The downside of covering diabetes is the cost increases. However the cost is not very high and well worth it. 
    The only time you will not have to pay a surcharge to have coverage is when you are symptom and medication free. Controlling the condition with your diet. 

    Do health insurers in Spain cover Cancer? 

    Cancer is very rarely covered for re occurance. What happens most of the time is that you will gain coverage with an exclusion on this condition. If the cancer is recent then it will be unlikely that companies will offer coverage. However we do offer international plans that will look to offer terms. The cost of these policies will be on the high side. 
    If however you are over 5 years medication free, symptom free of the cancer and free of treatment for that period then Spanish health providers will look to quote. Medical reports will be required to assess if you can be accepted. The benefit of Spain only policies is the reduced cost. Recently it is a requirement that for a non lucrative visa the health insurance policy is provided by a Spanish insurer. In this case we can recommend the process and approach companies for you. 

What is considered a medical precondition or pre-existing condition?

A pre condition is any health issues you have sought medical advice for in the past. Usually unless there has been an operation or you take medication you may or may not need to disclose the condition. Our advise is to talk to your broker or agent as to what you should disclose. A specialist in health insurance policies will have the experience to discuss all aspects of this with you. 

If you do not disclose a serious medical condition that you have prior to taking the policy out, then the policy will likley be made void. You will want to avoid this happending to you at all costs, so it is important to understand what should be disclosed. 

Cover for serious preconditions may include

  • Accepting your medical conditions with or without a surcharge
  • Accepting you on the policy with an exclusion for the pre-existing condition
  • A moratorium period whereby if you are symptom and medication free for any health condition after a certain period after the policy is started, then coverage for that condition is fully covered.

Coverage if you take medication for multiple conditions. 

When you reach a certain age, taking multiple medications can be necessary.  In other cases you may be under 50 years old and require multiple meds. Most often it will be the case that the medication is for prevention. A good example is medication taken for blood pressure and cholesterol. Where this becomes slightly more complicated is where a third and fourth medication is taken for other health issues. Some companies in this case will not quote if you have over 3 health conditions. A broker will be in a position to best advise which company to process your policy if this is the case for you. 

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