National Health Insurance Plans

National Health Insurance plan for Individuals and Families 

We recommend a national Spanish plan for individuals or families. That is a plan which is limited to Spain. The coverage on these plans is 100% in Spain for Hospitalisation, including tests, scans, and all other aspects under health services.

National cover will entitle you to use private hospitals and see doctors in Spain with no limits”

National plans do have emergency cover while you are abroad and repatriation back to Spain. This can be topped up with travel insurance so that all your bases are covered.

What level of cover do national plans provide?

As above all insurance plans we recommend having an unlimited cover. But in some cases, you may choose to have a policy with an excess (co-payment).

When you have no excess then you never pay out of pocket. If you have an excess policy then you contribute to each service you use.

The key reason why excess policies are attractive is due to the fact you can Save up to 45% of the cost when compared to having a no excess plan.”

national cover

Are Individual Plans more expensive?

Certain companies charge a high surcharge for individual health policies. The simple reason for this is that it only takes one claim and that can affect the claims rate on the policy.

There are however companies that do not put on heavy surcharges. At Bsure we can share which ones!

Are Family plans cheaper?

Since families have more than one person on the policy health insurance claims are not likely to happen all at the same time. This being the case family plans are very well priced in Spain.

Most companies because of this risk being spread will provide discounts for family policies.

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