Fiatc is a Mutual and have been established in Spain since 1930


Fiatc is a highly respected health provider and offers great cover at excellent rates. Their health policy is called Medifiatc and they have been established over 90 years. They are one of the largest Mutuals in Spain. 

By being a mutual the majority of paid premiums that they receive go back out on medical care. As a mutual their annual increase in price for customers is one of the lowest on the market, making the policy affordable long term.

Why use Bsure to manage your Fiatc Health Plan?

At Bsure we have been offering Fiatc or as it is also known MediFiatc for 32 years. During this time the company has been the most steady option for all our clients. 

Pricing is consistently good. Coverage is always among the best on the market. The service provided by Fiatc is very fast and efficient. 

We receive many requests for authorisations of scans, tests, and operations daily and Fiatc is no doubt the quickest in processing these. 

If you require same-day authorisations we have no problem in processing it for you and due to the efficiency of the company, we can almost guarantee to get it processed the same day. 

  • Fiatc Standard Cover 

  • Fiatc Key Covers

  • No Excess

  • Why Have an excess

  • Low Excess

  • High excess

Fiatc Standard Cover Included

  • Diagnostic test
  • Hospitalization and unlimited treatment
  • Consultations and General Medicine
  • Ambulance cover and 24 hr call out
  • Emergency cover outside Spain
  • why work with us?

    • We compare the options with Top Insurers
    • Provide quotes for serious health preconditions
    • 30 years experience in Health Insurance since 1989
    • Our service is completely FREE
    • We provide FULL support
    • Setup of policy and help for duration of policy

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