Sanitas is Spain’s leading Health insurance provider with 2 million members. It has been established since 1989 as part of the Bupa Group, which is the UK’s leading private medical insurance company, with 7.5 million members and service offices in 190 countries.

As a member of Sanitas you will have access to an exclusive network of over 700 private centers and 50,000 specialists.


Standard cover Included

Diagnostic test

Hospitalization and unlimited treatment – option for an Excess

Consultations and General Medicine

Ambulance cover and 24 hr call out

Emergency cover outside Spain

Worldwide options available

Dental cover - Discounts of up to 21% off pricing within the Sanitas network

High tech treatments using the latest technology

Switching from BUPA

If you are switching from BUPA you can eliminate waiting times and transfer pre-existing medical conditions.

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Sanitas – Mas Salud options of cover

Mas Salud – No Excess

Mas Salud – Low Excess “Plus”

Mas Salud – High Excess “Optima”

Mas Salud (No Excess – Copayment)

Mas Salud (sin Co-Pago) is the no Excess option and this being the case is the best option available of the 3 due to the insured having peace of mind that they only will ever pay a monthly premium with no surprises.

Mas Salud (High Excess – Copayment)

Sanitas as well as being the most well-known Medical Insurance Provider also offers the best value policies.

Mas Salud – (Low Excess- Copayment)

This is a great compromise if you are undecided between no excess and having a small excess

How Sanitas work?

The biggest selling point of the Sanitas policy is that authorizations are very smooth and there is never any holdup. Sanitas is in the top 2 companies in terms of size in Spain, and this means that they are always available to process queries or fast track important operations if needs be.

Sanitas is Mobile-ready with APP

The app which you can download to your smartphone is very user-friendly. From the app, you will be able to create and check on details of consultations with doctors.

In addition, a benefit of the app is that you can access it from a website browser with most collaborating medical centers being able to upload your medical results. This can be very useful to keep track of your medical history and save you from losing any important test results.

Sanitas Worldwide Health Insurance

Sanitas offers the best World Wide policy and gives you access to any doctor and extensive dental cover. Coverage is clear with no small print.

The limit per insured per year is up to 500,000 euros and the policy will reimburse 90 % of medical bills, at hospitals, clinics, and doctors. There is no excess if you use an approved Sanitas doctor in Spain and therefore the coverage will be 100%.

If you prefer a reduced premium there are many options to bring down the cover from 500,000 euros to 150,000 euros for example and decrease reimbursement from 90% to 80%.

Sanitas World Wide Key Covers:

World Wide cover, + 90% Reimbursement

100% cover in Spain with Agree specialists and Medical Centres

No referrals needed to see specialists

Any doctor or medical center in Spain and Worldwide

A limit of 500,000 euros per person per year

No limits per day while hospitalized and no limits on doctors fees

There are also no limits on consultations or hospital fees

Second opinion service

Sanitas offers independent second opinions from world-leading experts.

Evacuation and repatriation as standard

If you can’t get the help you need locally, Sanitas will make sure you get to where you need to be – and back home again

Additional cover Included as Standard:

Sanitas dental cover: 40% discount at their centers and you will be reimbursed up to 400 euros per person per year

Pharmaceutical cover: 300 euros per year for your medication purchased at pharmacies. You will be reimbursed 50%.

Hospitalisation subsidy- compensation in case of hospitalization

It is very important to have an intermediary when dealing with bills and claims and this is where we at Bsure can give extra added value. We are English-speaking and will liaise with you and the insurer to make sure bills are paid in a timely and efficient manner.[/column]

Optional cover

Sanitas Optical cover: your glasses and contact lenses will cost you half price

Accidents: Compensation in case of death or temporary disability

Alternative medicine: Visit any professional of your choice and benefit from refunds in homeopathy and acupuncture.

Sanitas Professional

Sanitas Professional is coverage for Professionals and the self-employed. The policy can be tailored to meet your needs and also includes dental cover as standard.

The cost of the insurance can be offset against your taxes and temporary disability can be included under the policy. The policy is extremely flexible with covers being available to add and remove to meet your needs.

Key covers

Primary care: General medicine, pediatrics, nursing services, emergencies.

Access to all medical specialties, without restrictions.

Therapeutic methods: Rehabilitation, cancer treatments, respiratory therapies, logophoniatry, lithotripsy, radiotherapy, etc.

Diagnostic tests: Clinical analysis, ultrasound, radiography, MRI, endoscopy, scanner, etc.

Extra cover as standard:

Payment Protection: reimbursement of the insurance premium

Support for housework if you are hospitalised

Childcare and school support at home

Physiotherapist at home

Taxi service for daily errands

Optional Covers:

Temporary disability- Financial help when you cannot exercise your professional activity

Pharmacy coverage- Covering Medications costs

US coverage

Optical coverage- To help you with your expenses optical costs such as lenses

Coverage of Alternative Medicine- homeopathy and acupuncture

Hospital Indemnity- €60 per day of hospitalisation

Dental coverage- Dental Sanitas 21 is included which gives access to all centers and dentists in our dental network

Common Question: Do you have any tax advantages?

By being autonomous, when you contract Sanitas Professional you can benefit from the tax deduction of your insurance, that of your spouse and children up to € 500 per person and year – not applicable in the Basque Country. And if you have a company you can deduct 100% of the cost of this service in the Corporate Tax. Spouses and children will have the same advantages as the policyholder.


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