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Over 70 years and cannot get health cover

Over 70-75 years old and not being able to get Private Medical Insurance in Spain is a common problem if you have medical pre-conditions.

Insurers cover themselves when they feel the risks are high. However, there is a solution. A policy by one of the top health insurance providers in Spain offers a policy to individuals over 70 or 75 years of age with health pre-conditions. Whether you are 78, 80, or over, there is a policy that you can contract.

The policy does have its limits but is well worth considering. Especially since many individuals pay over 500 euros for Helicopteros Sanitarios ambulance service, which has absolutely no hospitalisation coverage at all.

2 options for over  70  and over 75 s Health Policy

Option 1 – Full cover with a Excess on policy

  • Hospitalisation and surgery with no limits
  • Unlimited days in ICU
  • Full access to advanced scans and tests
  • Full oncology treatment
  • Access to full list of specialists

Option 2 – Limited cover with No Excess on policy

  • Hospitalisation when there is surgery with no limit to the number of days of recovery.
  • Cover while hospitalized, and medication costs included after the first 100 euros.
  • Covers three days in intensive care (ICU). This is very important as a bed in intensive care unit is 3 times the cost of a normal bed in a hospital. Three day cover in the intensive care unit will allow you or your family to plan your next step. You may want to be repatriated back to your home country if you have private insurance there.
  • All consultations with Specialists are 100% covered with no limit from day 1 of policy.
  • CT scan and x-rays are covered.
  • Assistance in case of emergency in Spain or abroad (ambulance and call out doctor 100% covered).
  • Premium stays the same on renewal. No annual increase!
  • Having a health insurance policy allows you to plan.

Whichever option you decide, having private health coverage in place will allow you to have peace of mind.

Over 70 and 75 Health Insurance for Residency or a Visa

Option 1 outlined above is what we recommend as a first choice option. This option however is not accepted for residency or a visa such as the Non Lucrative Visa or Golden Visa. 

Option 2 is the best option if you intend to apply for any type of residency or visa as it has No Excess which is a requirement for a visa.

Having medical preconditions affects the price of the policy for this age range, therefore quoting will be done on a case by case basis if this applies to you. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote and we will advise the best solution for you. 


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