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Covering Pre Existing Health Conditions

Covering Pre Existing Health conditions is essential when looking at health insurance providers.

In the past, you have never been sick, off work and have always had energy to burn. You thought that you were that person who was blessed to live without any setbacks. Then one day you return from work and you just know that something does not feel right.

You would be surprised at how often this scenario occurs and the problems that this type of health situation can cause to someone who has never been sick.

Annual Health Checkup

We always recommend health insurance as a preventative measure and you could say a MOT or service on your body, just to check things are ticking over smoothly. Annual checkups are covered under private insurance and the industry likes to call them well-women and well-man check ups.

Now of course there may be extenuating circumstances as to why you never felt the need to take out private insurance. For instance, finance is a key aspect. Other reasons may be that you feel the public health service is a good fall back for any issues that might arise. These two instances are very valid (less so with the uncertain future with recent pandemic), but for the vast majority of people private health insurance is affordable and should always be given a top priority.

We would say above paying your taxes. This I know sounds controversial but it should be something as important as your taxes if not more so, since unpaid taxes can be paid but having no medical insurance when something drastic happens can be very costly.

Your Options for serious pre existing pre existing medical conditions

Consider you develop a grave illness such as cancer or need heart surgery and you do not have private insurance in place, in this instance your options are limited. These types of conditions involve major surgery or ongoing treatment over many months. The cost involved means most people use the public service rather than outlay the funds from their own pocket. Understanding the importance of having private insurance at this stage starts to become apparent. 

To name just a few benefits of private insurance:

  • No waiting times
  • Getting best specialists
  • Options for a second opinion
  • Being in charge of your health and not been at the mercy of the public sector

After recovering from major surgery or illness such as cancer and being symptom free, you may feel that you have no options when it comes to private insurance. This is not the case. Insurance Brokers will have access to all the insurance companies and as such, are in a position to negotiate with the companies.

Three main options for preconditions

1. The insurer may allow you to have a policy where the pre existing condition can be excluded.

An example of this is say a breast cancer operation and treatment between 5-10 years ago. In this case the insurer will allow you to be covered for other issues and exclude coverage for the breast cancer if it returns.

2. The insurer may cover the serious precondition, which is ideal scenario.

This is a great option for individuals who did not have private insurance at the time of the illness or surgery. In some cases the individual may have had private insurance and circumstances might have been that they could not afford the renewal premium or that the renewal premium jumped up to an unrealistic figure due to the ethics of the insurer being questionable. In any case this second option does provide a great alternative to people who quite rightly are not confident or unwilling to rely on the public sector short term, and even less so long term.

3. A “Moratorium period

This is where the insured has had major surgery or a grave illness and have had no symptoms for a number of years. The insurance company will accept you on the policy and if after 2 years symptom free for that condition- they will 100% cover any issues relating to that illness.


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