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Health Insurance for Diabetes in Spain

Cover for Diabetes in Spain

In the past it has been difficult to find competitive rates to cover diabetes in Spain. In some cases Spanish insurance companies even refuse to quote for this type of illness. Recently however, there are companies that are offering terms of cover at reasonable prices that provide full cover for diabetes and its complications.

How long does the process take to get cover in place:

These days companies have what is called group policies or “collective policies” where people with diabetes will be insured. This means there are set prices and guidelines. Due to this, the process is very streamlined and a policy can be set up within 3 days. A telephone interview is always carried out when someone has diabetes and so setting up a policy in less time is difficult.

When is diabetes not accepted:

The first question to ask is if your BMI is acceptable-. BMI stands for your body mass index. In simple terms this is the ratio between your height and weight. A high BMI is anything over 30 BMI. Anything over 35 BMI is very high and there is a good chance if a diabetic has a BMI of over 35, then they will also have high blood pressure. Every case is different and so the insurance companies do not have set rules with what BMI level is accepted and what amount of medication for blood pressure is ok. It is unfortunate however, that there comes a point when the insurance company do not accept someone based on having multiple issues.

There are some medications which are not acceptable. Each company will have a slightly different list of medications which will not be acceptable. In the case a diabetic takes a medication on the list of excluded medications it will be difficult to get cover. In some instances it will be possible to ask your doctor to change your medication. This is something which is very personal to each individual and should never be rushed in to.

Getting a quote when diabetes medication is taken

If you take medication for the condition, the insurer may quote with an increased price on the policy including cover for the condition. Diabetes has great effects on the body and if anything were to go wrong there would be a high likelihood that it would be linked to diabetes.

Saying the above, there are a few companies that cover you excluding diabetes. Although not ideal the policy will be lower in price.

What if you manage diabetes with diet, do you have to disclose the condition? 

In many cases, people get diagnosed with the condition and change their eating habits to decrease the condition getting worse. In some cases if you catch it early enough it is possible to reverse the condition, but always taking in mind to not go back to previous bad eating habits.

In this case where the condition is managed with no medication, we recommend applying for a health policy down the normal route. The insurer will in most cases look to offer terms under normal pricing and exclude coverage for any conditions relating to the condition in the future.

Are there alternatives if Spanish insurers do not offer cover for diabetes due to the types of medications taken, a high BMI or having other serious health conditions?

There are alternatives if you can not get cover in Spain. International insurers are more flexible. There is one rather big drawback to go with these insurers – which is the price. Usually the price with international insurers is three times as much.

Making sure you make the correct decision when choosing a company is important long term. Due to all the above, it is highly recommended that you use a qualified broker to help you navigate through the options and application process.


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