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Trust us to search the market for the most suitable cover that fits your needs. Since 1989

why work with us?

  • We compare the options with Top Insurers
  • Provide quotes for serious health preconditions
  • 30 years experience in Health Insurance since 1989
  • Our service is completely FREE
  • We provide FULL support
  • Setup of policy and help for duration of policy

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Broker in Spanish Health Insurance Market with 

Over 30 years Experience

We can save you up to 40%

We have access to trusted Health Insurance companies and are able to recommend the best value company for your needs at best price. 

Independant and impartial

Advice we provide is non biased towards any one insurer and put your needs first. 

Our services are completely FREE

We do not charge you for our service. Benefit is you get our experience to guide and help through duration of the policy. 

about us

We use our experience to help the process

We are a registered Insurnace Brokerage with the financial authorities in Spain the DGSFP. With our many years in the health insurance sector we provide peace of mind for the duration of policies we recommend. 

With our knowlege and experience gaurantee that we can find the right plan for you and your family.

At Bsure have access to the whole insurance market. The Insurance providers we offer we have long term relationships with and know their conditions inside out. 

Any provider we recommend will have no surprises or small print. You can trust in us and our testimonials are a testiment to how we put you first. 


Discover how we make a difference  

Our team will respond to your request within 24 hrs and are available anytime by phone for enquiries. We pride ourselves on our efficient and personal service. 

Not only do we set the health plan up for you, we also manage the policy in all its aspects. Our priority is taking the stress out of situations relating to finding you the right specialist and in any worst case medical emergency. 


Check what our clients say about us

Stephen Fowler

Making some life choices can on occasions be very difficult. Health insurance is one of those occasions. Having someone from the industry to explain, talk you and guide you through the process is invaluable.

David Armstrong

An experienced team with speedy responses on all aspects of insurance in Spain. They provide competitive quotes. I would recommend you give them a call before doing business with other insurance brokers.

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